This year SLSQ is excited to launch into online learning capabilities for our member education. The main aim of providing on-line learning is to provide the following benefits:

1. Flexibility - for members to participate in learning in their own time at their own pace

2. More hands on training - as participants complete more theoretical learning in their own time, this means that more time can be speni on practical training when at the surf club

3. Environmentally Friendly - by completing theory activities on-line, less paper based education materials need to be produced to conduct the course

4. Automatic self marking - activities completed on-line will be self marking which means Trainers and Assessors can spend more time on practical components of a course and less time on the dreaded paper based administrative side of a course

SLSQ is starting off slow by trialing it's online capacity by providing the 2011/12 Proficiency Paper online for members to complete in their own time.

Simply follow the instructions below to get started

STEP 1 - Establish your Lifesaving Online account

1. Go to the following website address: www.lifesavingonline.com.au.

2. Select Create Account at the top of the page

3. Select YES to Question 1

4. Complete all other questions as instructed

5. Successful - go to step 2

6. Unsuccessful - if it does not allow you to set up your account, complete the SLSQ Lifesaving Online Account Details Form found on the SLSQ website under Member Education - 2011/2012 Proficiency www.lifesaving.com.au ).

a. Send this form into SLSQ of which we will update your account file and inform you when you can attempt to establish your account again according to steps 1 to 5 above

Step 2 - Login to Lifesaving Online account

1. Login to Lifesaving Online account at the following website www.lifesavingonline.com.au using the username and password you just established

2. Select 'My Courses' tab on the top of the page

a. NOTE: SLSQ members do not have full access to all areas of the Lifesaving Online page as yet, as SLSQ mainly operates from Surfmate which does not link in to Lifesaving Online completely

3. Select 'Go to Online Learning now' button

4. Select the SLSQ 2011/2012 Proficiency Paper course on the home screen and complete all questions and learning as required

a. NOTE: All questions must be completed correctly to have completed the Proficiency Paper

b. Some questions may require you to access the following resources to be able to complete the questions correctly:

i. 2011/2012 SLSQ Lifesaving Proficiency Bulletin  

ii. SLSA Public Safety Training Manual 33'd Edition

iii. SLSA/SLSQ First Aid Manual.

iv. SLSQ Powercraft Manual- Version 7-2

v. SLSQ Policies - found on SLSQ website www.lifesaving.com.au under Member's Hub

vi. 2011/2012 SLSQ Patrol Operations Manual - found on SLSQ website

www.lifesaving.com.au under Member's Hub

Step 3 - Print Out Completion Summary

 1. To show to your club that you have completed the Proficiency Theory Paper Online, whilst logged into the Online Learning account (where you found the 2011/2012 Proficiency Paper course) click on the 'Achievements' tab on the left hand side under 'My Progress'

2. Click the Print button to print a copy of this page which shows that you have completed the course. NOTE: you will need your computer to be attached to a printer for this section.

3. Take the Print out to your club on the Proficiency Practical day and hand in.


lf you have any further questions about how to use the Online Learning course and software, please contact your club Chief Training Officer.


What if I don't have access to a computer? Don't worry, your club will provide you with a paper based option as well if you choose.

What if I am the club's Chief Training Officer and I can't answer a members'question about theonline learning?

Please contact your Branch Lifesaving Development Officer and they will be able to help you out.

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